The Icon Returns

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The Icon Returns

Born from the fires of dance and romance, Flaming Masculinity burst into the realm of mortals to softly and deeply touch the souls of the very special ladies of Earth and dazzle the world into a frothy explosion of freedom, joy, liberty and unbridled sensuality.


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It was just over a year ago that a team of elite freedom loving heroes were dispatched to a small, upper class military town in Pakistan to storm a compound that was reported to be an Al Qaeda safehouse for amongst others, the face of terror himself, Osama Bin Laden. Well that historic day, the face of Terror got a hot frothy face load of American justice. That day, rainbows of liberty rained freedom on those hipocritical evil doers and when the blood bath was over, one man stood over the body of the slain terrorist leader. It was said that they fought in a pantless, bare fisted brawl to the death. The victor of the historic battle stood quietly as his opponent’s lifeless body fell to the ground. His ginger mullet was drenched in sweat and his sleeveless NASCAR t-shirt was tattered, but just like that glorious flag after the Battle of Fort McHenry, the shirt was torn, but it was still there. He slowly fist pumped with one hand while cracking open a cold can of beer with the other. His partner occupied himself in the other room by meticulously cataloguing each item in the huge pile of dirty porno that was confiscated from the Al Qaeda agents. It was Indeed a laborious task. It was said that the pile of dirty porno was so high that the ceilings of the room had to be raised.

It has been said that these two great heroes were none other than Flaming Masculinity’s great friends Big Liberty Johnson and Troy Dukes. This cannot be confirmed, but nonetheless, Flaming Masculinity salutes the courage of all of the great heroes, who whipped out that massive hose and unleashed that hot viscous spray of liberty on all of the enemies of freedom that fateful day.


Flaming American Desi

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DHAK DHAK!!!!!!!!!

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He’s got the Magic Masala, and Saif Ali Kahn approves. The flame burns strong in India…

Flaming lucha libre in Mexico City…

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Flaming on the edge of the world

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Patagonia has never been sexified like this before….

Flaming Hot Pizza From Italy

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Flaming Hot Pizza From Italy

The cheese is oozing

ASS! 2011

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ASS! 2012

The sexy new drink menu at Jack Astor’s

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Flaming Masculinity recommends single malt scotch on the rocks with a twist of shame

Flaming from the heart, pants optional

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